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Lifestyle Needs of Teenagers

  • Increasing demands on intellectual performance at school
  • Speeches/presentations-related stress
  • Depreciation on physical performance at school
  • Decreasing physical activity, seated lifestyle



Psychological Needs of Teenagers

  • Strong emotions need to be increasingly controlled
  • Increasing “internal chatter” in the head
  • Judgemental attitude, (self-) criticism
  • Insecurity, group pressure, love
  • Seeking role models/guidance outside family
  • Social skills and independence develop
  • Questioning attitude



Physical Needs of Teenagers

  • Hormonal changes influence body, increase energy levels
  • Girls develop their breasts, menarche
  • Possible genetic postural problems start to manifest
  • Fast bone growth may cause muscle tightness



Puberty in Indian Sciences

  • In Ayurveda, puberty is a period of transformation, governed by the Pitta (water/fire) dosha
    • High energy levels and mobility, intensity
    • Strong digestion
    • Oily skin/acne
    • Judgmental, argumentative mind
    • Strong emotional responses
  • In Tantric Yoga, this is a period of opening, high activity or malfunctioning of the three lowest chakras:
    • Base: selfishness, insecurity, possessiveness, grounding
    • Sacral: feelings, desires, sexual energy, creativity
    • Solar plexus: ability, self-identity, manipulation, restlessness, feeling of inadequacy, action

What to teach in a teen yoga class

  • Pitta-balancing asana:
    • Dynamic, not aggressive movements, short holds
    • Focus on balancing and forward-bend asanas
    • Exhalation through mouth in dynamic movements
  • Chakra-balancing asana:
    • Base: Standing and balancing postures, Mulabandha
    • Sacral: Trikonasana, Bhujangasana, Marjaryasana
    • Solar plexus: Core strengthening and twist
    • Heart: Chest openers
  • Pranayama and meditation
    • Calming/cooling/balancing pranayamas (Deep abdominal breathing, Sheetali, Nadi shodana)
    • 10 min rest in Shavasana with visualization

How to teach a teen yoga class

  • 45min class is enough
  • Start by giving a class layout
  • Teach independence and kindness: ask students to prepare the room with you and to clean it after the class
  • Offer plenty of explanation on why we are doing each posture and why using props (if any) or chanting
  • Introduce 1-2 partner asanas to teach empathy and cooperation
  • Treat seriously all questions
  • Use flow music to enhance concentration
  • Optionally use light calming fragrances (lavender) in the room

What lifestyle advice teens need

  • Pitta-balancing diet:
    • Cool, sweet, bitter and astringent tastes, milk-based, cooling squash vegetables, cucumbers, melons, white meat and fish in non-veg etc.
    • Avoid sour, spicy, hot and oily foods
  • Pitta-balancing lifestyle:
    • Avoid stressful situations such as time pressure, plan in advance
    • Eat regularly, avoid snacks
    • Spend time in nature, near water, in moonlight
    • Wear cooling colors (blue, green, sliver)
    • Allow at least 8h of sleep

Conclusions: how yoga meets the needs

  • Lifestyle
    • Counter-balances sedentary lifestyle and intellectual demands at school with physical activity
    • Teaches how to manage stress and panic during exams, presentations
  • Physical
    • Improves posture, flexibility
    • Cools down internal heat and emotions
    • Channelizes energy in a positive direction


    • Helps letting go of being critical of one’s self and judgmental of others
    • Provides an internal perspective; helps self-image to develop
    • Opens to the qualities of kindness, compassion, and nonviolence (Heart chakra)


Szymon Jarosławski, PhD

A TTC graduate of a1000yoga, Szymon is a certified yoga and meditation teacher (RYT500 level) and Thai massage therapist based in Bangalore, India. This presentation has been done by Szymon exclusively for a1000yoga’s – education Series – bringing knowledge, acceptance and practice together for success and sustenance. See you all on the mat. Share with friends and family.

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