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Why run?

Fitness (strong heart, improved circulation & strong muscles) and weight loss Stress relieving activity Enduring the extreme, mental and physical Higher energy and self-confidence

Running is a repetitive activity which can cause excessive tightness in the leg muscles making the body unstable and unbalanced. To compensate for this instability, the body puts undue pressure on muscles, joints and bones of the legs and back. Many runners face common problems such as sore knees, tight hamstrings and lower back pain.

How yoga can enhance running?

  1. Improves strength, stamina, endurance and flexibility
  2. Improves muscle and joint alignment for better stability
  3. Yoga asanas stretch muscles pre-run to avoid risk of injury
  4. Yoga asanas post-run keeps muscles long & loose preventing soreness
  5. Specific asanas will work on hips & hamstrings, common tight areas in runners
  6. Pranayama improves respiration, lung capacity
  7. Helps control emotions on the run
  8. Improves mindfulness; being in the moment is key to running
  9. Increased body and breath awareness
  10. Restores and rejuvenates post long runs

Frequency: 2 classes a week

  • 1 classes classical Hatha: Long holds with intense stretching.Work on endurance, flexibility, mental strength and focus
  • 1 class Power/Vinyasa: Intense practice to improve strength &stamina.
  • 1 class Pranayama & Meditation: Pranayama will improve respiratory system, build breath awareness. Meditative practicesincrease mindfulness, instill tranquility, improve focus.


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