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Yoga for weightloss


Losing weight the healthy way
When we speak of weightloss today, it is usually understood as a reduction of total body mass. Weight loss programs are designed to expend more energy than what is taken in by regulating meals and introducing workout regimens that are based on burning calories. Most of these popular sessions are high on cardio workouts. That being the case, it’s no big surprise that people don’t really think of yoga when it comes to weight loss. The lesser-known fact although is that yoga is a healthier route towards achieving one’s ideal weight. And when coupled with the principles of Ayurveda, the approach becomes that much more holistic and effective.

Ayurveda to the rescue
Each person has a unique body constitution and this is the essence of Ayurveda. The three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha are life forces that in combinationare responsible for creating human beings of different body types. The dominant dosha in an individual defines his or her body structure, physiological responses and more.Vata-dominant individuals are usually lean. The Pittas are moderately built and Kaphas have a larger frame with a tendency to hold weight and water. They all respond differently to stimuli and have different energy and endurance levels. While all the three body types can face excess weight issues, it is mostly a larger percentage of the Pittas and the Kaphas that fall into this group. Ayurveda says that there is no standard weight but an optimum weight for each person. In the context of weightloss, it becomes important that individuals understand this and take an approach best suited to their bodies towards achieving this weight.

A holistic approach by a1000yoga
The weightloss program at a1000yoga aims to help people in their journey abiding by these principles. The program that is spread across 6 weeks, at a primary level will help the participants to identify their body types and explore the causes for excess weight – whether it is rooted in abnormal hormonal activity or an eating disorder. In cases of overeating, they will be encouraged to dig into the deep-rooted mental and emotional causes, towards a better understanding of the condition. The participants will also be given a personalized diet plan in accordance with their body types.

Asanas of course will complement all the above. The practitioners will be given specific instructions in accordance with their body types. Asanas, through intense physical movement, cleanse and make positive changes in the body. These cause changes in the mind and subsequently their behaviour, which in turn boosts the mind and body changes. Thus the objective of weightloss begins to extend beyond asanas and becomes part of the individual in a much deeper sense. With regular practice, he or she is able to deal better with challenges that come with excess weight, say for instance erratic food habits. One may find that there are fewer cravings and instances of overeating as one gets deeper into the practice.

The course will lay particular emphasis on asana repetitions. Through repetitions, the signals that are sent to the body are reinforced, thereby allowing the body to gradually choose its ideal weight.

The practitioner’s weightloss journey can be slow or hampered due to the presence of toxins or impurities in the system. The asanas will therefore be accompanied by kriyas and shatkarmas (purification practices) to make them more effective.

In short, the program helps transition the practitioner’s body to its optimum weight through small, slow changes over a period of time, which also leads to the body accepting these changes without any adverse reactions. It is at this optimum weight that the body and mind function at their best.

And last but not the least, practitioners tend to lack motivation when it comes to sustaining their practice over long periods. With the number of options available today, they get bored with routine and are eager to try out different fitness alternatives.They might be tempted to give up even before the regimen starts to show any results. To address this, the program will focus on building a peer group with active participation from the instructors, thus creating a strong support system of people who encourage and motivate each other to stay on track.

So make a shift in the way you approach weightloss! Transform yourself and have fun losing weight with a group of like-minded people! The 6-week intensive program is scheduled from June 15th to July 31st, every Monday to Saturday from 10.30a.m to 12p.m at a1000yoga’s Whitefield studio. For more details on the course, and to register, visit https://www.a1000yoga.com/weightloss-program/

Sheetal Jayaraj
Hatha Yoga practitioner & instructor

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