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The last few days of 2015 is now upon us. Yes, we’ve celebrated over the holidays the past few days, and we’ve contemplated (maybe) over the happenings of the past year, but what lies ahead of us in 2016? That is the vast unknown. Unknown like every tomorrow that we are presented with. Yet, what we are also presented with in this vast unknown, is an opportunity that is complete with endless ‪‎possibilities‬.

The possibilities of what may be introduce to us an empowered today, a starting point that allows us to take a conscious step in the direction of our desired outcome. We don’t have to know everything and no, neither do we need to have the precise clarity of our prospective outcome, but we can start with the baby-steps of a conviction.

Our generalized assumptions have always been to jump into the‪ ‎NewYear‬ with a bright and sparkly resolution that often seems too good to be true, only to end up in February with the dregs of excuses and a despondency that sticks on like chewed gum under our shoes.

So for my 2016, I am attempting something I have never done before – I have no guarantees, but I am putting forward a plan. My plan is a step by step, week by week goal. If I get too ambitious when my Pitta runs along with Vata, I’ll probably even go with the week-by-week asana plan, which I know may not eventually meet its mark in the long run.. but that is my plan. My plan, in other words, is to facilitate the ‪‎success‬ of achieving a ‪‎resolution‬. My resolution is to really allow the better yogi in me to emerge.

It isn’t asking for much – it’s all about the conviction of authenticity – in being true to what I want, who I am and who I am meant to be. It is not a flash card of being what a ‘yogi’ is meant to be, but in all my humanness, to be the ‪#‎yoga‬ that a yogi resolves to be. To be in yoga on the mat, to experience and express is off the mat. And maybe this time, next year, I’ll have a different story to share.

At a1000yoga, we take our practitioners’ journeys as a part of our purpose. As facilitators and yoga teachers, we invite you to embark on your own journey of self-exploration and understanding. As a community, we walk hand-in-hand with your own goals and work towards helping you all reach your purpose, work towards your resolution and with the intention and sankalpa firmly strengthening our relationship, we forge ahead in making the New Year a time of renewed purpose for each and every one of us.

So, now, we’re really interested to know…. what is YOUR sankalpa for the year ahead?

Luvena Rangel
RYT200, RPYT, a1000yoga

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