RYT 200 (Level 1) TTC


The 200 hours yoga teacher training course in India offers an extensive curriculum of authentic, traditional Yogic practices and also the customization as per today’s needs for achieving good health.  This course comprises of practices and teaching methodology from traditional Hata Yoga schools like Satyananda yoga (Bihar school), Ashtanga Yoga (Vinyasa) and also modern schools like Iyengar.


Our senior teachers come from various schools of yoga like Satyananda, Sivananda, Iyengar and Ashtanga. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience which are integrated into all our courses. The influence of teachers from different lineages ensures that our courses incorporate the practices and thoughts of renowned yoga schools rather than be restricted to a single perspective.


Our courses blend the traditional Indian wisdom from Yogic texts like Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Hata Yoga Pradipika and other aspect of eastern philosophies and science like Ayurveda,modern anatomy and teaching methodologies to provide a broad understanding of yoga in therapy, lifestyle and diet.

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    200 hours yoga teacher training Syllabus

    Yoga Practice

    This module focuses on nuances of various asana, pranayama and pratyahara practices. Over 50+ classical asanas are covered in depth to provide students understanding on alignments, breath, benefits, contraindications and modifications.

    Yoga Philosophy

    This module covers the essence and wisdom of Hatha yoga philosophy from the authentic sources like Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Swami Swatmarama Hatha Yoga Pradipika and contemporary approaches such as Satyananda Yoga (Bihar school of Yoga), Ashtanga Vinyasa (Mysore school) and Iyengar Yoga.


    This module covers the philosophy and practices of Ayurveda that complement Yoga practice. The practical aspects of food and lifestyle are shared with the students.

    Anatomy and Physiology

    This module focuses on basic understanding of Human Anatomy and Physiology. The knowledge of how different body systems are integrated, their strengths and limitations help students to become more conscious of their own body and mind.

    Teaching Methodology

    This module is all about sharing one’s experience and wisdom with fellow practitioners and is designed to equip the student with both modern and traditional teaching methodologies.

    Non-contact hours

    Non-contact hours includes personal sadhana, observation classes, seva and teaching hours.

    How you progress during the 200 hours yoga teacher training course


    The course comprises of practices and teaching methodology from traditional Hata Yoga schools like Satyananda yoga (Bihar school), Ashtanga Yoga (Vinyasa) and also modern schools like Iyengar.

    The first module focuses on strong fundamentals and is based on traditional format of yoga education as practiced in India. Abhyasa (practice), Adhyayana (research) and Sadhana(mastery) are the 3 core training components of the shaala and forms the basis of all its courses. This module builds deeper awareness of your strengths and challenges.Master your 200 hours yoga teacher training in India at A1000yoga.


    You will

    Practice and master hata yoga techniques mentioned in traditional yogic texts

    Discuss and debate yogic philosophies (Sankhya, Ashtanga and Hata)

    Understand eastern and western approaches to body, mind and beyond

    The second module is all about effectively communicating one’s experience and knowledge of the practices with aspiring students. This module blends modern and traditional teaching methodologies. Yoga has been evolving, so are the teaching methodologies; discover what it takes to be an inspiring yoga teacher, a life coach.Enroll into 200 hours yoga teacher training India and get certified

    How Our Course differs from other 200 hours yoga teacher training India?


    Our course equips you with the knowledge, skills, techniques and support system to become an effective Yoga Teacher, it also provides valuable knowledge thats been collated from many reference texts of Ayurveda enabling you to provide a more wholesome and rounded approach for your students and yourself.  The 200 hours yoga teacher training India gives you the building blocks required to start on the journey of good health and well being, it teaches you how to impart this knowledge to others.


    On a whole you will learn:

    • What it means to be on the path of Yoga
    • How Yoga encompasses all aspects of life
    • A structured approach of moving from Gross to Subtle
    • Lifestyle and food habits to suit your needs in accordance with Ayurveda
    • Self learning to what it takes to be a teacher
    • Adapting Yoga and Ayurveda to the current lifestyle and urban setting to provide a much required sense of well being
    • The company of like-minded people and tools to nurture yourself.

    The course is just the beginning of a lifelong journey of self discovery and acceptance.

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    a1000yoga Academy is

    • Registered under Yoga Alliance : 87461
    • Certified by Ayush Ministry – Govt of India : QCI/TCQ/YS000004



    • Basic asana knowledge, 3-6 months of yoga practice
    • No spine injuries
    • An open mind with the willingness to learn


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    • Fee will be updated when we resume offline courses 

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