The Children’s Yoga course at a1000yoga Academy is designed by experienced Master yoga teachers and children’s health and education professionals. This course is registered under the Yoga Alliance, USA’s RCYS (Registered Children’s Yoga School). The course was conceptualized keeping in mind the need for specialization to teach Yoga to Children. We observed that many of qualified Yoga teachers were hesitant to take up teaching Yoga to children due to reasons like: is yoga even for children and if so when to start, unsure what to teach to which age group, what differentiates Yoga teacher who teaches adults and someone who teaches children , what measures to take when teaching children, what it takes to teach children with respect to personality, energy, creativity so on and so forth . Hence what we realized was to first bring the child back in you. To be a teacher for children in any field, one needs to connect with them at their level and then start teaching, guiding or nurturing them. It is a two-way process and never-ending with related to learning. RCYT course will take you back to your connection with the self as a child and then how you can bring in Yoga practice to teach children. This will take you through most of the nuances of teaching yoga to children.  

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    This module is designed to enable Yoga Teachers to understand the yoga practices appropriate for child development such as asanas, asana-based movement, yoga-based games and activities, breathing techniques and chanting.

    Theory and Philosophy

    This module enables students to understand child developmental stages and how this knowledge assist a Yoga Teacher in deciding appropriate practices for children. Along with the traditional yoga philosophy to understand a child's need in a modern world, this module also throws light on a yoga teacher’s relationships with parents/guardians and developmental specialists.

    Teaching Methodology

    This module is designed to equip the student with both modern and traditional teaching methodologies. It helps in building confidence of students as a teacher and provide them with age-appropriate teaching and communication skills required for working with children.

    Non-contact hours

    Non-contact hours includes apprenticeship and group work – executing a yoga workshop for children. The non contact hours may be completed through a more flexible approach keeping in mind the existing scheduling constraints of an active teacher and satisfy the core requirement at their convenience and flexibility.

    How you progress during the course


    The course is designed to equip yoga teachers with knowledge and first- hand experience of teaching yoga to children according to their developmental stage in a safe, fun and enriching manner.

    Study and understanding of all childhood developmental stages, how the issues of each stage impacts what is appropriate for teaching them.

    Understanding of the yoga teacher’s relationships with parents/guardians and developmental specialists, communication skills for conducting those relationships.

    Yoga-based practices appropriate for child development such as asanas, asana-based movement, yoga-based games and activities, breathing techniques and chanting.

    Detailed study of classroom techniques, lesson plans and group processing for children’s activities.

    Age-appropriate teaching skills for yoga class and effective communication skills for working with children.

    Anatomy and physiology related specifically to changes during child development and their application to yoga techniques.

    Apprenticeship and Group work – executing a Yoga workshop for children.

    a1000yoga Academy is

    • Registered under Yoga Alliance: 87461


    Yoga Teacher Training Certification from any recognised yoga school, some Teaching experience will be most helpful. (Exceptions accepted on a case-by-case basis –meet TTC student counselor in person for acceptance into program)




    Location Courses Timings Batch 1 Date Price
    Indiranagar RCYT 10:00 am – 3:00 pm Rs 50,000/-


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