Ashtanga Yoga TTC


The 200 hour Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training course at a1000yoga Academy is a Yoga Alliance recognised course.

All the courses at the Academy are composed of techniques and practices that have been handed down through generations , that are authentic and can be traced back to reference text books. In keeping with this, the Ashtanga Yoga Teacher training course has been designed in accordance with reference books Yoga Makaranda and Yoga Asanagalu authored by T.Krishnamcharya who was the teacher for many well knows Yogis such as Indra Devi, BKS Iyengar, BNS Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois and TKV Desikachar.

The course has been designed so that it renders the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series accessible to everyone regardless of age , flexibility or any other limitations. You will learn how to customise the practice to suit your needs , techniques on teaching and modifying the series to meet your students individual needs. The 200 hour course will contain practice and theory session with the emphasis on Yoga Sutras , the eight fold path of Ashtanga Yoga and the wisdom of Ayurveda that will enable a stronger, more stable practice.



This module focuses on nuances of various aspects Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series with details on Vinyasa counts, asana sthitis, drishti, modifications etc. for individual asanas and flows.

Theory and Philosophy

This module enables students to understand the philosophy behind the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice in accordance with yogic principles recommended by T.Krishnamacharya, who was the teacher for many modern day Yogis such as Indra Devi, BKS Iyengar, BNS Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois and TKV Desikachar. This module also covers theory with practical aspects from Yoga Sutras, the eight fold path of Ashtanga Yoga and the wisdom of Ayurveda, to enable a stronger-stable practice.

Teaching Methodology

The challenges of leading an Ashtanga Vinyasa classes are different than regular yoga classes. This module is specifically designed to address those specific techniques like the vinyasa instructions, sanskrit counts, breath, drishti and ways to customise the series/practice to suit student’s individual needs.

Non-contact hours

Non-contact hours includes observation classes and teaching hours.

How you progress during the course

  • Step by Step introduction to Ashtanga Primary Series
  • Modifications to the asanas to help you achieve maximum benefit
  • Techniques and understanding of the flow to help you adapt it to cater to individual needs
  • Discussions on Yoga Sutras
  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Impact of Ayurvedic practices on yoga practice
  • Understanding which Ayurvedic practices work best for you
  • Understanding the importance of food and lifestyle on overall well being


Yoga Alliance Recognised 200 hours  Certificate



  • 1 year of consistent asana practice
  • RYT 200
  • Any Yoga certification  (should be able to deal with the intense Ashtanga practice)
  • No spine or knee injuries




Courses Timings Batch 1 Date Price
Indiranagar Ashtanga Vinyasa 200 Hours 06:00 am – 8:30 am 14th Feb – 8th June Rs 70,000/-

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