Teacher Training

With a mission to Impart Authentic and Professional education to Aspiring Yoga teachers training in Bangalore. At the Academy, our mode of instruction is staying true to the Indian Gurukula system – a traditional and trusted education system in a modern context. Knowledge is imparted through the evolving relationship between the Teacher and the disciple. It is considered that this relationship, based on the genuineness of the Teacher and commitment, respect, devotion, obedience and faith of the student, is the best way for delivery of subtle and advanced knowledge. We incorporate the essence of traditional Indian Scriptures and understand its relevance to the modern need.

Yoga Teachers Training courses in Bangalore are designed to suit your level and the stage of Yoga Journey you are at.

Find more about yoga instructor courses where you are in your journey and what is suitable now:

Taking up yoga as a career
 While in the traditional setup Yoga was taught in Guru Shishya Parampara, it has changed from the last few centuries to suit the changing needs. These days, it is one of the career choices too. A “career” is no different, let it be any field concerning the possibilities or challenges that it brings forth but what is important is to know “Is it worth going after ” and the answer to choosing “Yoga teaching as a career path” is – “Yes”.

Yoga is a blessing to lead a life that ultimately can liberate you, it is an ancient art that helps to keep our body and mind, fit and healthy and leads you towards your higher purpose of life eventually if the seeker stays true to his path. Keeping the modern era needs in mind, Yoga practice has been helpful in many other ways which are like a byproduct of this holistic practice. Few to count on are: a positive impact on our ever-busy lifestyle, reduce mental stress, improves concentration, improves quality of sleep making us calm and relaxed and so on.

  • Yoga teachers earn a different experience. Teaching yoga and helping them to gain mental and physical strength, especially at a spiritual level, will take a yoga teacher to a different feel of satisfaction. The happiness achieved by rendering something good to the society will create positivity within the yoga teachers.

  • As a yoga teacher, your physical capacity keeps on improving as and when you take more and more classes. This will improve your self-awareness and deepens your knowledge.

  • Being physically fit will make you more confident. This will improve your personality both as an individual and as a teaching professional.

  • Yoga teaching involves interactions with people from different backgrounds and age-groups. This enhances your social interaction and helps to understand the world in a better way.

Becoming a thriving yoga teacher

  • Build a confident mind to take up yoga as a career choice.

  • Be dedicated to developing a regular practice under the guidance of a good yoga teacher.

  • Search for a certified and best traditional yoga school that has 1) a long lineage, 2) experienced teachers and 3) which is accredited by a national body (like the Ayush Ministry, Govt. of India).

  • Enroll in a yoga teachers training in Bangalore. Learn from your teacher, practice and make yourself perfect.

  • Attend observation classes after your course to understand how to adapt yoga to the current lifestyle.

  • Start taking a few classes within your family in the beginning. This will help you to gain confidence in taking up private yoga classes within your society.

  • Attend practice sessions in studios and make yourself an engaging member. This will make the studio teachers consider yourself for a job opening when it comes.

  • Try out opportunities in the corporate world too as yoga has been considered as a mainstream fitness and health choice in most places across the world.

  • Be patient!! Like any other career, building a yoga career too will take some time of constant effort. Be prepared to face all ups and downs, take everything positively and try your level best to achieve your goal of becoming a successful and dedicated yoga teacher.