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(Don’t have the time for exercise, I have deadlines at office and kids at home…) Sounds familiar?

We all want to be fit and at our best all the time. To perform we need a healthy body and a relaxed mind and hence we need a practice to give us this equilibrium. Unfortunately we do not have much time left after the long travel and deadlines of work.

Power breaks is a tool to empower the employees to practice whenever and wherever they want. Be it their desk, car, home or cafeteria, utilizing the time on their hands.

This workshop is for the entire company and anybody can learn this tool to keep themselves fit and running all through the day.


  1. work place exercise

  2. Ashish on March 13, 2017 at 9:53 pm said:

    Hello ,

    We are looking at having a Work Place yoga session in our office .We would like to connect with your team to brainstorm how we can do this .

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