Continuing Education


Stay in touch with your practice, unlearn some,  learn more,progress within to out.Hatha style class for those who want to establish a regular practice within a group class setting. The class will be similar to the asana practice during the teacher training course and a well rounded practice .



The practice sessions will be like a course designed for progression practice for a period of 3 months . This will take care of deeper level of observation and practice of Asanas, pranayama, pratyahara . One could set one’s own intention for this 3 month  and then see how the progress is as a result of sustained / regularised practice


You will be certified with credit hours for regular sustained practice

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    • Someone who is contemplating to do a teacher Training course
    • Someone who is already a teacher but want to stay in touch with teachers and group practice
    • Someone who has been practicing Yoga for sometime and wants to go deeper , beyond a routine class


    Due to Covid contingency, we have put a hold on Offline courses until further notice. We will resume offline once we see normalcy in the environment. Please check our Online Courses section.


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