Advance Hatha Yoga course



Hata Yoga Inspired as per the scriptures prepares for the higher practice (Raja Yoga). Hata yoga is a progressive practice that indicates specific yogic sequence. In order to achieve higher goals on the path of yoga first one needs to keep body and mind in a healthy and stable state. To bring about this balance – Practice of Hata Yoga is suggested in a progressive state which includes Asanas, Pranayama and Shatkarmas, Mudras and Bandhas.


The practice starts from Asanas with few of the Shatkarma (suitable cleansing practices), once the body (gross and subtle level) achieves a certain level of equilibrium the student progresses to Pranayama, Mudras and Bandhas. It is in the best benefit that a seeker/student needs to practice under guidance and practice by oneself only once the experience and knowledge has been gained from a teacher.


This course on Advance Hata yoga is to take a seekers practice to next level – where one deepen’s practice with respect to:

  • Asanas (intermediate and advanced) along with study of alignment, contraindications, benefits, preparation for advance postures, how to avoid injuries, modify and still have a deeper experience – a progressive approach
  • Preparation for Pranayama
  • Stillness by end of practice

There will be a systematic way to lead you in the practice .

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    Someone who doesn’t have any serious injuries (spine, knee, ankle or bigger joints), no life taking physiological health conditions like severe cardiac conditions, or clinical depression.


    Intermediate yoga asana practice level – preferably Hatha style

    Days Month/Date Timings (IST)
    Mon,Wed,Fri Jan 16th to Apr 15th 4 to 6 pm

    The fee is INR 14,500/-

    For registration, email to