Yoga and meditation are the latest techniques emerging for harvesting of profits. As the focus is more and more on making the work place a great place for employees, health initiatives are at the forefront of the best places to work with. Companies are creating a culture of fitness and wellness, emphasizing that a fit workforce is a productive workforce.

There is no doubt that promoting yoga and meditation will help the work force as it is proven to reduce stress for bodies sticking to desks for hours. This will help in reducing absenteeism, health costs, increase motivation and positivity around the work place.

Meditation without the spiritual aspect of it can be used to build Emotional Intelligence and the importance of EI is nowhere more enforced than in work place. Understanding the way we react when under the influence of our emotions, helps employees understand each other’s stress reactions also.

According to articles in American press, more than one fourth of all companies have introduced some version of stress reduction. Breathing practices with a basic meditation session is a great way to empty the mind and get back to the desk with a fresh energized mind.

More we are happy with ourselves, more we interact and connect with customers. Such sessions train our mind to be more focused, to create space for creativity and feel connected to the customer and fellow employees.

To quote someone “Stress is an expensive threat to the balance sheet. Mindfulness is the antidote to stress.

Stress shuts creative thinking which leads to costly mistakes. Taking the right breaks for clearing the cache in the mind is as useful as a good vacation or a great sleep.