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(Not losing weight despite doing everything, tired even after a vacation, not liking what you do….) Sounds familiar?

Ayurveda and yogic sciences have a definite way of identifying a human body, which is very different from the way western science looks at it. In a nutshell it understands our body constitution and the things which help our body type and which do not.


Maybe running helps lose weight for few, but not you

Trekking might be the best vacation that you chose

Your body needs heavy food but you were eating salads

Are the people in your team given the right roles? Roles which they enjoy and not regret

A fun, interactive and team building workshop for all in your organization. Understand your body and mind and how to make the right choices in life. Be it career, food, vacation, relationships or lifestyle choices. We are a1000yoga and there is one for you…

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