What’s the price for the yaatra?

For Indian Passport Holders

Approx INR 1,70,000 per person, ex-Kathmandu (group size of 17-20)

Extra Permit Cost for Foreign Nationals including NRI

USD 120+ USD 198 PER PERSON for USA passport holders
USD 120+ USD 114 PER PERSON for Other foreign passport holders

What does the registration fee include?

  • a1000yoga facilitation fee
  • A qualified and experienced Sherpa staff throughout the trip
  • A Tibetan guid
  • Travel agency staff equipment with all the necessary medications and
    equipment including first aid kid, life-saving oxygen cylinders and air
    compressor (Gamow bags) to attend to a medical emergency enroute.


  • 2 Nights accommodation with breakfast, lunch & dinner [Pure veg. Meals] in a 5-star hotel in Kathmandu on sharing basis.
  • 1 Night accommodation with breakfast, lunch & dinner [Pure veg. Meals] using best available hotel in Nepalgunj on sharing basis.
  • Accommodation in Tibet with breakfast lunch & dinner [Pure veg. Meals] using above hotels on sharing basis.
  • Mineral water throughout the Ananda Yatra.
  • Sightseeing tour in Kathmandu to Patan and Boudhnath stupa.
  • All travel arrangements in Nepal and Tibet with experienced and friendly drivers.


  • Kathmandu airport arrival and departure transfers by coach.
  • One half-day Kathmandu sightseeing covering Pashupatinath & Budanilkantha by coach.
  • Simikot / Hilsa / Simikot by Helicopter.
  • In Tibet, land transfer by luxury bus.
  • Supporting truck to carry luggage, food, equipment etc.
  • Yak & Yakmen for trekking equipment and food during Kailash Parikarma.
  • Visa and permit fee for Tibet/China.

Permit / Fees:

  • Tibet & Simikot [Nepal] permit.
  • Normal Chinese Visa fee.

Price does not include:

  • Tickets to Kathmandu and return.
  • Nepal visa for NRIs & foreigners.
  • Personal use of pony/porter during Parikarma [Kora].
  • Single room supplement in Kathmandu.
  • Any extra services such as extra vehicle / hotel nights / sightseeing tours than mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Evacuation cost.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Extra cost such as extra night stay than mentioned in the itinerary, ill health,cancellation, changes in itinerary that are incurred due to unforeseen reasons such as road blockage due to landslide, heavy snowfall, strikes, flight cancellation etc.
  • Visa splitting charge and extra transportation cost, if returning early from Tibet.
  • Services that are not mentioned above in inclusion part.

I find your price to be slightly on the higher side. There are some cheaper packages online.

The packages you see online are from travel agents who take bigger groups. This means a major compromise on accommodation, the number of stops and lack of personalization.

a1000yoga’s Ananda Yaatra, on the other hand, will take a very limited group (less than 20 people). Each place, from stays to stopovers, have been handpicked by our team to enrich your journey. The price also includes the cost of flights and helicopter rides (since the roads are blocked). Most importantly, it is the only yaatra that offers you a yogic experience along the way.

How to make the payment?

The payment has to be made in 2 stages:

Stage 1: A token of Rs. 10,000 to be made to a1000yoga toconfirm your registration
How? Click on the ‘Register Now’ button, fill in your details and click ‘Make Payment’. This will take you to the payment gateway of a1000yoga.

Stage 2: Balance amount to be paid directly to our travel agent before the yaatra commences

How? Once a1000yoga receives your token amount of Rs.10,000, we will send you the details of our travel agent and the schedule of payment. The money has to be paid in parts, on the given dates.

What about cancellation policy?

  • A charge of 10% will be applied for any cancellation made prior to 25 days of departure date.
  • A charge of 25% will be applied for any cancellation made prior to 20 days of departure date.
  • A charge of 50% will be applied for any cancellation made prior to 10 days of departure date.
  • No refund for any cancellation made thereafter.
  • Verbal cancellation will not be entertained.

What about visa?

  • Indian nationals do not require a visa for Nepal
  • Foreign nationals will require a 15 days multiple entry visa for Nepal which can be availed on arrival at Kathmandu airport, Nepal. A visa fee of $25 is payable along with two passport size photos
  • Visa for Tibet will be organized by a1000yoga. To facilitate this, original passport of Indian Nationals is required well in advance prior to the departure date. Details will be sent upon registration.
  • For Non-Indian Nationals, Tibet visa will be organized in Kathmandu

What if I can?t arrive or depart by the scheduled time?

  • If you cant arrive at the scheduled time for departure, you are responsible for coordinating your own transportation to or from the resort.

Do I need a passport?

  • Yes, a valid passport is needed with a minimum validity of 180 days from the last date of the yatra.
  • What all will we explore on our way to Kailash Mansarovar?
  • The journey to Kailash unfolds many scenic places on the way – (mention few places once the itinerary is finalized
  • For a complete day-to- day itinerary, see here.

What will the weather be like?

Weather conditions from May to September in Tibet can be expected to be dry and sunny, with day time temperatures running as high as 22° Celsius. The average daily temperature will be 10° Celsius. However, the intense sun at high altitude can make it feel even hotter. The temperature at night can drop as low as 0 to -10° Celsius.

If you love to see the day-to- day weather forecast (just like us), check out this page.

What should I pack?

We recommend you carry 2-3 pairs of warm woollen clothes, socks and gloves. You
will also need some thermal inner wear and a good pair of trekking shoes.

What all will you provide?

Other Equipments

  • Table & Chair
  • Sleeping bag & Mattress


  • Windcheater Jacket
  • Duffel bag

Don’t worry, once you confirm your registration, we will send you a detailed note of all the essential items to carry.

What type of meals will be served?

Staying in rhythm with the yogic experience, we will provide wholesome vegetariaan meals. According to your requirements, our cooks can also prepare continental cuisines.

If you have any specific dietary requirements, do let us know in advance.

Can you share the typical menu?

It will be as per group requirements. However, it will be advised after the

What currency will we be using?

Indian currency is accepted in Nepal. The currency used in Tibet is Chinese Yuan.
Indian Rupees, US Dollars, and all other major currencies can be converted to Chinese Yuan in Nepal. Assistance with conversion will be provided in Kathmandu.

By when can I confirm my registration?

We will close registrations by July, 2016.

Why wait, register now.

What about mobile network/wifi?

Payphones are available in Kathmandu and Airtel roaming works fairly well till Lake
Mansarovar. You can use internet through your phone.

Can I carry my laptop?


Does your guide carry a SAT phone?

As you can get the local Sim Card with RMB150 SAT phones won?t be necessary.Please note that the sim will be incoming only but you can text the message internationally. However, you can use your roaming phone.

Will there be western toilets throughout the journey?

Except at Mansarovar, there will be western toilets throughout. We will be providing
toilet tents with western stands at Mansarovar. For reference pics, see here.

Do we need to carry our own sleeping bags and mattress rolls for the entire trip?

No, we will provide these wherever required.

What if someone in the group wants a different meal plan?

Say Non-veg or a Western Meal? Normally, Kailash pilgrims prefer veg. meals but according to your requirements, our cooks can also prepare continental cuisines.

Do you have a document for charges payable/ refunds for any

changes/cancellations before and during the journey? Please refer to your proposal

What happens if for some reason/ unforeseen circumstances

(a) You (travel operator) have to cancel a tour or change dates before the tour? Will
the money be refunded? In that case only initial booking amount will be charged which includes Tibet visa fees as it will be applied early.
(b) You (travel operator) have to cancel a tour midway/ during the tour? Will the money be refunded? Normally, the tour won’t get cancelled midway unless the guest desires.
(c) The traveller cancels/shortens a tour midway/ during the tour? Will the money be refunded? The money won’t get refunded if a traveller cancels or shortens a tour midway.
(d) If one of the travellers has to return midway/during the tour, what happens to the rest of the group? Supposing some or all of the people are travelling in the same vehicle? Our guide will arrange for an extra vehicle for the one who wants/has to return midway during the tour.

Is there a doctor accompanying the team?

As we do have expert team, medical certified doctors are not required. However, if
the group requires we can send medical assistance with an extra cost.

Can you provide details of the nearest specialized medical facilities?
How is the patient transported?

Nearest specialized medical facilities are available at Taklakot. In case of emergency
the patient will be transported in vehicle or Helicopter according to situation.

Who arranges and pays for this there?

During emergency our team will pay the amount there with the terms of reimbursing back.

What Yoga practices will we be doing?

You will be led through yoga practices by our expert teachers leading the yatra, which
1. Cleansing practices / Shatkarma practices
2. Asanas – with modifications to suit the varying needs of a student's abilities.
3. Pranayama – breathing practices in a comfortable and stable seated posture.
4. Yoga Nidra – practices in Shavasana
5. Meditation – guided meditation sessions
6. Group chanting
7. Interactive Group sessions on various yoga topics
8. Journaling and quiet reflections

What should I carry for the yoga practices?

1. Yoga mat and comfortable yoga clothing
2. A woollen blanket that can serve as an asana mat as well as a sitting mat
3. A shawl to cover the upper body and head
4. A note book and writing materials
5. Yoga socks – for outdoor asana practice

How to make the payment?

The payment should be made as a bank transfer in favour of Mr. xyz. The bank details are as follows:
IFSC (details required)

Do I need to know yoga in order to attend this yatra?

You can participate even if you have never practiced yoga. However, we are conducting this yatra as a yogic experience and not simply as a religious/physical trek.To be in rhythm with the focus of this yatra, we ask you to attend the pre-yatra orientation a month prior to the journey. This will be conducted at a1000yoga studios across Bangalore and also through personalized video blogs.

Are there any age and health limitations?

Since the trek to Kailash is an arduous journey, we want our travellers to be physically and mentally fit. Participants between 18 and 70 years of age can sign up for this yatra.
However, this trek is not advised for pregnant women and those suffering from chronic health problems, like epilepsy, heart ailments, uncontrolled BP, diabetes, asthma, psychological problems, physical disabilities and obesity.
Have more questions? We’re here to answer!
Just send us a mail at yogayaatra@a1000yoga.com

Ananda Yaatra : 25th August – 3rd September 




Hata Yoga Abhyaasa And Prachaara Trust
No.42, Sumeru, 4th Floor.
HAL III Stage, 80 ft rd,
Landmark: Above Vijaya Bank,
Opp Empire Restaurant/BSNL Office
Indiranagar, Bangalore 560 075

Phone:+91-901 910 1000
Email: ttc@a1000yoga.com

Directions can be found here - Google Maps

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The principles laid out in Patanjali’s yoga sutras dating back to 500 B.C. are still very relevant today, even in our modern information world. Yoga has evolved a lot from the days of Patanjali; it has taken different forms to meet the varying needs of practitioners all along its journey. Yoga continues to accept all changes, like the ocean accepts the river, absorbs, assimilates and grows. (A distinctive feature of sanaatan dharma of India)

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