1. Will I lose weight with yoga practice?

Yes, styles like power yoga, Hot yoga, Astanga vinyasa are designed to lose excess weight. These sessions are physically intense practices which help burn excess calories, improve flexibility and endurance. With regular practice of yoga the internal physiology will be regulated, which will optimize the functioning of all the vital organs. All the above factors will result in reaching an OPTIMAL weight for a given body frame, age and physical activity.

2. How safe is losing weight through yoga?

Unlike other quick fix weight loss solutions; yoga has a steady and long lasting effect on the practitioner. Weight loss happens in a natural way and with no side effects. It also takes long to regain weight in case you stop your yoga practice.

3. At what age can I start my yoga practice, is there any age limit?

Ideally yoga practice can begin at the age of 7 years and can be practiced throughout out one’s life. Beginners make sure to talk to the Yoga teacher before commencing the program. Adults need to address their present health condition and report about their health history before they start.

4. I go to the Gym and have a regular weight training routine, do I need yoga and how will Yoga help me?

Yes, yoga is a wonderful complementary practice even for serious body builders. Most weight training programs do not involve a proper stretch and loosening of joints. This stiffness leads to frequent injuries and in most cases hampers regular, everyday functional capability of muscles and joints. Yoga practice also reduces muscle cramps that most weight trainers complain of. The most important component contributed by a yoga practice would be the calming of the breath and mind.

5. I did take some yoga classes at my office/school, the pace was too slow and the session boring, what is different at a1000yoga studio?

Styles like Power yoga, Astanga Vinyasa are a very dynamic, intense and well choreographed flow of asanas. You may not have time to even wipe off your sweat, let alone luxury of time to think or to be bored.

6. What is HOT YOGA? How safe is it?

The most popular form of yoga in the west, Hot yoga is a specially programmed set of asanas in a specific sequence done in a heated studio of 40 C. Hot Yoga is excellent to lose weight, to cleanse the internal system and remove toxins through sweating. The warm temperature keeps the body safe from injuries. For a dry and cold weather like Bangalore’s it is a good way to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Except for High BP and hypertension the practice is safe for all. Please contact our program advisor before enrolling.

7. What else can I expect apart from yoga sessions at a1000yoga?

Consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor, ayurvedic Drinks, yoga mats, yoga accessories, kids play area, and highly dedicated and very warm yoga teachers.

8. Is yoga a religion? How will yoga affect my own faith?

 Yoga is a Spiritual practice. People of all faiths have practiced Yoga all along.  Yoga was propounded, practiced protected and propagated by followers of Sanathana Dharma (Hindu) and is open to anybody who accepts these philosophy.

9. What diet should I follow before and after yoga session?

For a comfortable yoga practice, general rule to follow is to not eat any solid food 3 hours prior to the yoga practice. Fluids shouldn’t hamper your practice. One can take shower and eat 15 minutes after the practice.

10. How often should I practice yoga?

5 days a week is most appropriate. Beginners can start with 3 days a week and gradually build up to 5 days a week routine. People engaged in other exercise or sport activity can take up at least 3 days per week routine for yoga to be effective.

11. What are the general benefits of yoga?

Weight loss, good muscle toning, increased flexibility, improved strength, higher endurance, better sport performance, optimal appetite, calmer mind, clearer thinking, stress free, sound sleep, increased creativity, anti aging, higher immunity, contentment, joy, inner happiness and a loving heart.

12. How is a1000yoga different?

1. Trusted and proven yogic values and principles guide us through all phases of our business.

2. All our teachers are practicing yogis themselves. Knowledge of yoga can only be gained by personal practice called SADHANA; this is one thing all our teachers vouch for and strive to maintain through the ups and downs in life.

3. All our teachers are highly professional and trained in how to TEACH along with a strong understanding of the practice, its anatomy, physiology and right application. a1000yoga’s principal teacher’s guidance, regular training and continuing education, and a large yoga resource help the teachers grow in knowledge and experience.

4. Our teachers are updated with new trends in modern day yoga through workshops and through guest teachers visiting us from across the world.

5. Our internationally experienced principal teacher programs the entire schedule and guide yoga teachers to be the best.

6. a1000yoga strongly believes in the integration of Ayurveda and yoga for the best results. Our well-qualified yoga counselors will help you figure out the best kind of yoga, the right frequency and the most effective diet and lifestyle changes.

7. Many styles of yoga like HOT YOGA are a first to Bangalore. Ideal for Bangalore’s dry weather, hot yoga helps remove toxins through profuse sweating and helps lose weight in the safest of ways; the warm temperature keeps the muscles and joints injury free.

8. Practitioners have freedom to choose slots that suit them best. Our counselors and teachers put in extra effort to encourage practitioners to be regular and never waste sessions that they have paid for.


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Make Yoga part of Life

The principles laid out in Patanjali’s yoga sutras dating back to 500 B.C. are still very relevant today, even in our modern information world. Yoga has evolved a lot from the days of Patanjali; it has taken different forms to meet the varying needs of practitioners all along its journey. Yoga continues to accept all changes, like the ocean accepts the river, absorbs, assimilates and grows. (A distinctive feature of sanaatan dharma of India)

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