Pradeep Govinda (Deep)

Master Trainer

Pradeep started practicing yoga as a 7 year old, learning classical asanas from his father and later devoted full time to studying yoga, graduating M.Sc. Yogic sciences (from the world’s first yoga university, Bihar Yoga Bharathi, Munger, India, with a university gold medal), which was a calling for meaning and completeness in life.
He had the blessed opportunity to learn under his guru, Paramhamsa Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, at Gangadarshan, a gurukul along the banks of Ganga, for two years, LIVING and IMBIBING yoga.
Under Shri Pattabi Jois’ AYRI, Bangalore, he gained clarity of the nuances of Astanga Vinyasa. His Iyengar training was under Shri ARUN, Bangalore, a direct disciple of Shri BKS Iyengar.
Pradeep is an engineering graduate, entrepreneur, and an avid sports enthusiast. He draws immensely from his past experiences, a wealth of knowledge specific to Yoga, Ayurveda and Indian philosophies, bringing into each yoga session a wholistic approach.
He has been teaching yoga in Bangalore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Colombo, and Hyderabad and is adept at Bihar, Iyengar and Astanga schools of yoga.
Pradeep currently heads a1000yoga and facilitates teacher training courses both at the 200 and 500 hour levels. He has trained many budding yoga instructors in Malaysia and India.
Pradeep credits his yoga practice, for clarity of mind, creativity and confidence. In his experience, Yoga is to be Aware, Balance, Conserve, Direct, Establish and becoming Free.

    Sandeep Manur (Sandy)

    Yoga Teacher

    Sandipani was diagnosed and treated for Pyogenic meningitis (a serious nervous system disorder) when he was 4 years, and was supposed to be a weakling for the rest of his life. After trying various forms of physical exercise he was introduced to the world of martial arts.
    A few years, trying different forms of martial arts he started learning Chinese Martial arts and Taoist Yoga under his late master Yi Pin Chang. Being the only traditional student of Master Chang, he learnt Wing chun (A Chinese martial arts style), Chi kung, qi-gong, Tai Chi and the healing techniques through the different Practices of Taoist yoga. He was 17 when he started practicing classical Indian yoga on and off for around 4 years as a cross trainer to help his Martial arts practice.The once weak child had transformed into a fairly strong and balanced person. The Application of Yoga and martial arts had changed a lot in his life and this inspired him to learn more on these practices and help others change their life too. He started learning and is still learning different styles of yoga like Ashtanga vinyasa Yoga, Iyengar yoga ,vinyasa yoga(Power Yoga) and yin yoga from well known teachers and believes constant learning. He left his engineering job and now teaches yoga in India and abroad.His teachings emphasises on alignment, healing through postures and the psychological impact of the postures as he thinks Proper alignment and breathing pattern leads to a holistic stage of well being. Sandipani is also a practicing psychotherapist and a counselor.

      Ramya Nair

      Yoga Teacher

      A bharatanatyam and contemporaray dance performer, Ramya started yoga practice at nrityagram 10 years ago. Since then she has been practing and it is part of her life now. She was introduced to Hatha and Iyengar yoga by Mark , a french yoga teacher who visited the dance village. She has never stopped practicing after his training; a great and tough teacher who still remains to be her greatest inspiration.
      One of the popular instructors at a1000yoga, and a graduate of Sanathana Yoga Shala (SYS-250), Ramya still pursues her dance career and yoga; she says it’s a great combination to be in touch with oneself. Besides our studio she has also taught at other prestigious gyms and corporates. She teaches hatha, power vinyasa and Iyengar yoga. She finds yoga “the perfect medium to be healthy and strong, both physically and mentally and gives one great focus and calmness”. She adds with maturity and feeling “in dance I express what I am, and yoga teaches me who I am.””


        Yoga Teacher

        I was heading towards a successful career in the IT world two years ago , when I chanced upon, what I would call a Transformation, of my life. My meeting with YOGA. My tryst with yoga happened when I joined Atmayaan as a practitioner in 2010, which lead me to enroll in a teacher training program the same year. With this certificate in hand and after a year I moved on to join a more intensive 500 hour program at a1000yoga.
        Having almost 1000 hrs of teaching to my credit,I bring with me a deep passion and curiosity for yoga and its philosophies. Wanting to make it approachable and attainable to students in a physical way .To me yoga is more than just postures, philosophical tenets or esoteric ideals, it is an opportunity to foster awareness, to get to know myself and on a practical level to make more conscious choices in my life.
        It is truly rewarding to witness the incredible shift that has happened in the past two years.Being an avid animal lover , I also worked as a certified pet groomer.

          Bharath Shetty

          Guest Teacher

          Bharath Shetty is a professional yoga teacher who has undergone training under the legendary B.K.S Iyengar, Pune, one of the most inspiring and revolutionary teachers of 21st Century.

          He is a certified teacher with qualifications from the Indian Yoga Institute, Vivekananda Kendra, Bangalore, International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, Trivandrum and was awarded Yoga Siromani and Yoga Acharya titles on completion of his training. Bharath is the winner Himalaya Yoga Olympiad (Indian National Yoga championship) in the years 1998, Haridwar and 2001, Bangalore.He is the founder of the ‘Creative Yoga Center’ at Bangalore and imparts regular yoga lessons at his ‘Yoga India’ school in Mysore. Since 2005, he has been conducting teacher training courses which are internationally recognized by Yoga Alliance USA. Till date, he has successfully trained over 300 certified teachers from all over the world. Lately, he has also started Yoga Training Courses abroad.On a personal front, he is married to Archana from his home town. The couple are blessed with two daughters – Aajna and Abijna.Bharath is a guest teacher at our Sanathana Yoga Shala’s International Teacher Training Course and has conducted several Ashtanga, advanced Hatha classes with us. He is very much loved and respected by our students and teachers alike.


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            Make Yoga part of Life

            The principles laid out in Patanjali’s yoga sutras dating back to 500 B.C. are still very relevant today, even in our modern information world. Yoga has evolved a lot from the days of Patanjali; it has taken different forms to meet the varying needs of practitioners all along its journey. Yoga continues to accept all changes, like the ocean accepts the river, absorbs, assimilates and grows. (A distinctive feature of sanaatan dharma of India)

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