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Ayurveda in simple words is – “Science of Life”, Ayurveda is a system that helps maintain health in a person by using the inherent principles of nature to bring the individual back into equilibrium with their true self. In essence Ayurveda has been in existence since the beginning of time because we have always been governed by nature’s laws.

According to Ayurvedic principles every individual is unique and so are the needs. Man is made up of five primary elements. The elements are ether (space), air, fire, water, and earth. When any of these elements are present in the environment, they will in turn have an influence on us. The food that we eat and the weather are just two examples of the presence of these elements. While we are a composite of these five primary elements, certain elements are seen to have an ability to combine to create various physiological functions. These are called “Doshas”.

Primarily these elements can be segregated into 3 :

  • Vata Dosha
  • Pitta Dosha
  • Kapha Dosha

Ayurveda gives us a model to look at each individual as a unique makeup of the three doshas and to thereby design treatment protocols that specifically address our current challenges. When any of the doshas ( Vata, Pitta or Kapha ) become accumulated, Ayurveda will suggest specific lifestyle and nutritional guidelines to assist the individual in reducing the dosha that has become excessive.

This understanding that we are all unique individuals enables Ayurveda to address not only specific health concerns but also offers explanation as to why one person responds differently than another.

Workshop Details:
2 Day workshop
Date: 22nd & 23rd April , Saturday & Sunday
Time: 11:30 a.m – 2:30 p.m.
By: Pradeep Sattwamaya – Founder and Principal Teacher

Who can attend:
Anyone can attend who are looking at the benefits listed below

During the Workshop:
Know your body to know your mind.
Body, the key to our minds

You will asses yourself – as to which are your predominant doshas
Personality typing through Ayurvedic and Yogic principles Vs Personality typing from a western perspective.
Understanding an individual’s strength and weakness from the above exercise

Right fit in a team, right assignment of roles in a team, team work, Leadership team choose and prepare the next level of leadership
Motivational factor for different personality types

Work-life balance
Right choice of food, lifestyle, entertainment, holiday etc.
Right choice of spouse / partner

Why you should do this:

Better understanding of yourself
Balanced state of body and mind
Clarity of thought, increased productivity in whatever you do
Harmonious relationships with people around, awareness of your own behaviour and acceptance of others the way they are Food will also be provided


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