Daily Yoga

Daily Online Hata Yoga Classes Schedule :

Intensity Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Asana Classes Between 8 to 11am 10 am to 12 pm Between 8 to 11am 10 am to 12 pm Between 8 to 11am 8:30 am to 11:30 am
Yoga Nidra Between 11  to 3pm  11 to 3pm  11 to 3pm
 Asana Classes 5 pm to 6 pm 5 pm to 6 pm 5 pm to 6pm
Therapy sessions as per need

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    • For beginners can attend only beginner classes till the teacher recommends to attend intermediate level
    • Intermediate level of Practitioners can attend any of the timings

    If you may need online personal classes at any other timings, please write to us ttc@a1000yoga.com

    Fee : As per the requirement, fee varies. Details are shared after discussion .

    To enroll, fill the above form and make the fee payment by scanning the code. Also email us the screenshot of the payment at ttc@a1000yoga.com.

    Payment through UPI :

    a1000yoga Academy is run under the Trust “Hata Yoga Abhyaasa and Prachaara Trust “

    If you may wish to pay through Net banking, please email us at ttc@a1000yoga.com

    Practice Requisites:

    Login into class 5 minutes before the scheduled time

    Keep the Mic on mute unless needed to unmute

    You need to be visible head to Toe with Proper lighting. Best would be to use a webcam

    Listen carefully to teacher’s Instruction and follow practice with safety