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What is yoga

Yoga is a discipline and a tool to help us achieve anything that we set out to. A set of practices which makes body, mind and breath work in tandem. A sense of freedom, power and limitless energy for everything.

Why yoga for corporates

Most of the working population is not even aware that their bodies need any such activity. They are mostly very young and have no concerns w.r.t body so far. We also need to remember that work comes first at the workplace. So taking out time for any activity other than work needs a lot of motivation or pressing concern.

“Yoga does not take time it saves time”

Yoga has to adapt to the needs of the current generation to appeal to them. Which it has with many modern styles of yoga coming on the scene in the last 50 years.

Yoga is the preferred health initiative at top companies as it works on the body, mind and breath in a holistic manner. It can be used as a tool to work on:

Body: Less number of sick leaves

Mind: High productivity and less fatigue

Breath: Less stress and anxiety




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