‘Corporate Workshop’


(Not losing weight despite doing everything, tired even after a vacation, not liking what you do….) Sounds familiar? Ayurveda and yogic sciences have a definite way of identifying a human body, which is very different from the way western science looks at it. In a nutshell it understands our body constitution and the things which

Power breaks

  (Don’t have the time for exercise, I have deadlines at office and kids at home…) Sounds familiar? We all want to be fit and at our best all the time. To perform we need a healthy body and a relaxed mind and hence we need a practice to give us this equilibrium. Unfortunately we

Power Nap

(Don’t fell like getting up in the morning, sleep is becoming a problem, don’t remember most of the stuff….) Sounds familiar? A deep relaxation technique for rebooting your mind and clearing your cache. The yogic way of calming down the incessant noise of the mind. Making use of the mind in the right way and

Yoga for runners

Why run? Fitness (strong heart, improved circulation & strong muscles) and weight loss Stress relieving activity Enduring the extreme, mental and physical Higher energy and self-confidence Running is a repetitive activity which can cause excessive tightness in the leg muscles making the body unstable and unbalanced. To compensate for this instability, the body puts undue

Conference yoga

(Stressed over a presentation, nervous about a call, worked up about a client call…) Sounds familiar? A Workshop on mindfulness and techniques to calm your mind. Yogic breathing practices to relieve stress within few minutes. A one day workshop on how to prepare yourself before any pressure event. The right practices to enhance mood, boost