2023 Online courses
Dates Timings (IST) Days
Feb 20th – May 18th 4 – 6pm Mon, Wed, Fri
Apr 3rd – June 5th 6 – 8 am Mon – Fri
Apr 3rd – June 5th 10am – 12 pm Mon – Fri
June – Aug 4-6 pm Mon, Wed, Fri
Aug – Sept 6 – 8 am  Mon – Fri
Nov to Dec 10 am to 2:30 pm Mon – Fri
Apr 15th – Aug 27th 10am -12pm Sat-Sun
Sept -Dec 10am -12pm Sat-Sun
March Ist to 31st 4 to 6 pm
Sept 4th to 30th 11am to 1 pm
RYT 300
Jan 16th – June 16th 10am-12pm M,T, Thu,F
Aug to Dec 4pm-6pm M,T, Thu,F
Yin Yoga TTC
Self paced start any time
Hatha yoga, Pranayama , Pratyahara and Dharana Practice course
Jan 16th to March 15th 10am-12pm M,T, Thu,F
Yoga for Weight Loss TTC
March to Apr 11 am to 1 pm M,T, Thu,F