How Yoga becomes the culture of tomorrow

Be a professional yoga instructor as yoga is the culture of tomorrow

How Yoga becomes the culture of tomorrow

Swami Satyananda says: “Yoga is the most valuable inheritance of the present. It is the essential need of today and the culture of tomorrow.”

Rishi Patanjali integrated essential features and principles of yoga around 4000 years ago. Yoga is considered as an integrated science that improves our spiritual life. Yoga keeps our body fit, reduces stress, increases our immunity power, keeps us calm and positive, and so on. When we move on from one yoga posture to another, it involves the movement of prana or the breath. The awareness that you create while doing an asana is through the mind. Thus, yoga is not just a physical aspect but a balanced state that keeps together the body, mind, and breath. Through yoga, we can attain both physical and mental stability. A person who is physically and mentally strong can realize God.

The scientific and technological progress in today’s world has made man highly sensitive and sophisticated in all his interactions. The habituation of science and technology and the varied lifestyle associated with this has reduced the quality of our life. The stress associated with all these have resulted in serious health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, mental instability, and emotional imbalance even at an earlier age. Energy can be divided into two – physical and mental energy. With stress, we are making use of more physical energy resulting in the loss of mental energy. In order to go back to a healthier and harmonious lifestyle, we need yoga education.

Yoga brings a culture in which you will be able to think and relate with nature in a better way. We need a culture of harmony that arises within ourselves for a better tomorrow. Bringing harmony within ourselves brings harmony to the society, then to the nation and finally to the world. Yoga helps to control our emotions and thereby increases the resistance power. Yoga removes the disturbing elements from the mind, bestows inner strength, and helps to keep a balanced mind.

We need to learn, accept, and understand yoga that leads to the awakening of energy and consciousness. According to Yogasutra, yoga enables Svadhyaya (self-study), Satya (truthfulness), and Ishvara Pranidhana (surrender to a higher power). The main purpose of yoga is to recreate the world by moulding it to the divine truth. It improves our concentration making us do the right thing in the right way at the right time.

Today’s children are the citizens of tomorrow. Learning yoga from childhood results in moulding up better citizens of tomorrow. Today, most of the schools have taken up yoga as part of their curriculum. Yoga helps to improve physical health, academic performance, creativity, concentration, as well as the attitude of students towards themselves. Yoga helps children to view the world from a different perspective. There is no age limit for practicing yoga. Yoga will happen to you when it is time. Apart from attaining good health, a peaceful mind, and a positive attitude, yoga has emerged as a career path too in this modern era. Choosing a career as a yoga teacher helps you to attain mental strength, reduces stress, improves your concentration, and brings peace in your life. In order to take up yoga as a career, you need to enroll in a yoga teacher training course. Choose a certified yoga school that has a strong lineage and has enough experience conducting yoga teacher training courses over a period of time. A yoga teacher can be a medium to bring harmony to the entire society by rendering the principles and practices of yoga. The fulfillment that yoga teachers achieve by watching the transformation that yoga brings to the health, energy levels, and strength of the society brings positivity within them. Yoga has become an inherent part of lifestyle for people all over the world. Hence, it is obvious that yoga is the culture of tomorrow. Let us all learn and live yoga.

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