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200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course at SEAD, Salzburg, Austria – July 2017

a1000yoga is conducting its International Hata Yoga Teacher Training course at SEAD, Austria in July 2017.

The month long intensive course is made up of practices and teaching methodology from traditional Hata Yoga schools like Satyananda, Ashtanga and also modern schools like Iyengar.

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The first module focuses on strong fundamentals and is based on traditional format of yoga education as practiced in India. Abhyasa (practice), Adhyayana (research/ Theory) and Sadhana (self mastery) are the 3 core training components of the Academy and forms the basis of all its courses. This module builds deeper awareness of your strengths and challenges.

You will

  • Practice and master hata yoga techniques mentioned in traditional yogic texts.
  • Asanas, Pranayama, Cleansing techniques and Yoga Nidra.
  • Discuss and debate yogic philosophies (Sankhya, Ashtanga and Hata).
  • Understand eastern and western approaches to physical body, mind and subtle self.
  • Principles of anatomy and physiology 

The second module is all about effectively communicating one’s experience and knowledge of the practices with aspiring students. This module blends modern and traditional teaching methodologies. Yoga has been evolving, so are the teaching methodologies; discover what it takes to be an inspiring yoga teacher, a life coach.

You will

  • Learn to teach hata yoga sessions, be a thorough professional yoga teacher.
  • Design, sequence and execute tailor made yoga sessions for varying needs
  • Hands on adjustments, posture observation.
  • Informed use of props to improve or modify a posture
  • Confidence-building through practice teaching and feedback

Dates: 10th July 2017 – 5th Aug 2017

Fees: 1750 EUR   (incl. 350 EUR registration fee, breakfast and lunch)

Venue: SEAD, Salzburg, Austria

About SEAD:

SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance is a training centre for contemporary dancers and choreographers. The Dance Academy and its international students enrich the city of Salzburg with numerous events, productions, guest events and performances.

SEAD has about 100 students from more than 30 countries around the world and is a lively dance and cultural centre of the city of Salzburg with a variety of dance classes and workshops for adults, teens and kids.

Read More – http://www.sead.at/

About Salzburg

Salzburg is an Austrian town burrowed below steep hills and is home to Mozart and Sound of Music. Salzburg is renowned for its baroque architecture and is one of the best-preserved city centres north of the Alps. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. The city has three universities and a large population of students. Tourists also frequent the city to tour the city’s historic centre and the scenic Alpine surroundings.

Salzburg is located perfectly for a stay in summer. There are many lakes and mountains around, some of them within a bus ride.

Some of the places to vist are:

Mozart’s Birth- and Livingplace
Mirabell garden
Fortress “Hohensalzburg” with beautiful view over the city
Salzburg Zoo
Hellbrunn Palace and Trick Fountains
Stiegl Brauwelt (beer brewery)

For More Information and Places to Stay: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/austria/salzburg/introduction#ixzz4U6QVqBpF


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Make Yoga part of Life

The principles laid out in Patanjali’s yoga sutras dating back to 500 B.C. are still very relevant today, even in our modern information world. Yoga has evolved a lot from the days of Patanjali; it has taken different forms to meet the varying needs of practitioners all along its journey. Yoga continues to accept all changes, like the ocean accepts the river, absorbs, assimilates and grows. (A distinctive feature of sanaatan dharma of India)

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