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Our yoga certification course in bangalore are designed to make it accessible for passionate yogis from all walks of life to immerse themselves in traditional practices meant for modern application. Sattwa method introduces you how to inculcate Yoga On and Off Mat .
We all are seeking absolute  happiness in life
Absolute happiness is within us and is a result of sound physical mental health, harmonious interpersonal relationships and spirituality
We can increase this in our life by increasing Sattwa and limiting Rajas and Tamas
Sattwa can be increased by Right Practice, Right Food and Lifestyle , Right Relationships

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      Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training

      A Guru is the one who lights the lamp on the journey of his/her disciple. In order to be a complete Guru, one needs to learn and practice first and be confident in what they deliver. It is said that “Master Teachers are Mindful Teachers”. Learning from a mindful teacher improves your focus and awareness and brings emotional balance and harmony. Yoga Teacher Training helps to deepen asana, pranayama, and higher practices. It also helps to gain an authentic knowledge of the philosophy and history of yoga. The training builds confidence to teach others and aids in developing and maintaining self-practice.Enrol in our yoga certification course in Bangalore and immerse yourself in traditional practices.

      How to prepare for a Yoga Certification course

      • Have a regular practice under the guidance of a good teacher for a minimum of 6 months to a year.
      • Familiarize with different styles of yoga from different lineages.
      • Attend workshops on yoga certification course in Bangalore.
      • Interacting with yoga teachers and students.
      • Direct interaction and get counselling from the school regarding the course.


      Choosing the best Yoga Institute

      • Look out for a yoga school which has a strong lineage since they will have proven-experience of molding yoga teachers from a long time.
      • With the foundation of lineage, a yoga student gains insights not only from his/her own teacher but from all the teachers that came before.
      • The school adheres to the principles and philosophies from classical books of yoga-like Patanjali Yoga Sutras and Hatayoga Pradipika.
      • The school’s capacity to adopt and adapt changes meant for modern application without compromising the core principles of Yoga. 
      • Enough experience in conducting yoga teacher training programs, workshops and running yoga studios that help to cater to the needs of the present-day generation.
      • The curriculum should include a blend of traditional yoga theory and practice sessions with modern teaching methodologies to understand yoga in today’s life.
      • Select a school that supports you in continuing your education ( Continuing Education Program – CEP ) and having a strong Alumni group.
      • Experienced teachers coming from various schools of yoga-like Satyananda (Bihar School of Yoga), Sivananda, BKS Iyengar and Ashtanga Vinyasa.

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