What I like about a 1000 yoga: ” Good quality, inspiring trainers,  the variety of styles & newness (meaning it is not predictable & boring) of every class, the energy & youthfulness of the class” – Taruna Singh

Wow! Amazing. really want to do yoga here; ambience is great.  Doing yoga at a1000yoga brought about a big change….. wanted to learn more and teach.  I have been teaching aerobics for 12 years and just started yoga … I wish I had done that much earlier. – Shubha

When I joined a1000yoga, I was very pleasantly surprised to find the varied forms of yoga. I practised under at least half a dozen different  teachers here, each with their unique style and loved every one of them. Everyday is a new experience with yoga in terms of what I learn and, take home in me a more fulfilled being. – Preethi

Yoga at our studio feels very good place for different types of yoga; not monotonous; not doing the same thing; look forward to who is teaching, what class… with 2 or 3 instructors same type of workout everyday…  Have fun…enjoy class, chit chat, meet new people. -Gowri

I am bunking work to be here…. What else can I say? -Nirmal

Vinay: most experienced teachers, beautiful, unique sequences never done anywhere before; experience is too good; want to keep doing more classes.  If my friends ask where to do yoga I have no doubts about a1000yoga.  I work for a big 4 software company, but I want to be known as a yoga teacher.

Rukmini:  Doing first time serious yoga.  Makes me happy.  A mother of 2and a half year old, quit working.  Yoga keeping me grounded and happy.

Manikandan, Fitness Manager: Good experience.  After Power Yoga Pro training feeling more strengthened, flexiblility is more, able to do cardio and strength training together; able to feel overall muscles getting engaged.  Savasana makes me feel relaxed, not feeling any pain after workout; physically and mentally relaxed; has increased confidence level more.  Teachers are friendly with all; learned more and different techniques from each one of them; was able to learn how to teach yoga classes.  Currently applying to my clients and am doing my own practice.  I used to get tense and angry – now 80% of that feeling is gone – yoga makes me smile all the time.  Planning to do M.Sc. in Yoga and TTC here.

Sushma:  Software Consultant, Bangalore – a1000yoga is awesome!  Awesome!  Awesome! I had problem with obesity and I reduced 13 kgs within 3 months.  I am enjoying my time at a100yoga.  There is only one problem though… I am not feeling hungry at all after yoga!  Now is that a problem?!  If I don’t do yoga for one day, I get irritated, impatient, aggressive…. Like something is missing. With yoga practice, I feel controlled, smooth.  Will definitely continue after marriage.. with new house rules…J)



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Hata Yoga Abhyaasa And Prachaara Trust
No.42, Sumeru, 4th Floor.
HAL III Stage, 80 ft rd,
Landmark: Above Vijaya Bank,
Opp Empire Restaurant/BSNL Office
Indiranagar, Bangalore 560 075

Phone:+91-901 910 1000
Email: ttc@a1000yoga.com

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Make Yoga part of Life

The principles laid out in Patanjali’s yoga sutras dating back to 500 B.C. are still very relevant today, even in our modern information world. Yoga has evolved a lot from the days of Patanjali; it has taken different forms to meet the varying needs of practitioners all along its journey. Yoga continues to accept all changes, like the ocean accepts the river, absorbs, assimilates and grows. (A distinctive feature of sanaatan dharma of India)

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