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Being fit has never been so popular, or as necessary as it is today.With millions of people eager to lose weight and get in shape, fitness training is one of the fastest growing careers in the health and fitness industry.
In this light a1000yoga is conducting Power Yoga Certification Program for fitness trainers at our state- of -the-art yoga centers in Koramangala and Indiranagar.

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Lucky to find a1000yoga for my further study in yoga field. I came to know about yoga a lot especially different styles and eastern philosophy made me believe in so many things.

Indira Chavva

I would recommend this course and studio to all yoga enthusiasts, the knowledge and the professionalism is something that kept me inspired throughout.

Aditya Ojha

My entire experience about yoga changed after joining a1000yoga. A deeper perception and a wider vision of the subject has been acheived and I now knew how to go about to achieve my goal.

Purvi Vinchhi

I’m with a1000yoga since day1 as a staff and gradually I got inspired with our inspiring trainers and I enrolled myself into the teacher training course at a1000yoga.

Sharanya Achar

Master Teacher

Pradeep Govinda (Deep)

Master Trainer

Pradeep started practicing yoga as a 7 year old, learning classical asanas from his father and later devoted full time to studying yoga, graduating M.Sc. Yogic sciences (from the world’s first yoga university, Bihar Yoga Bharathi, Munger, India, with a university gold medal), which was a calling for meaning and completeness in life.
He had the blessed opportunity to learn under his guru, Paramhamsa Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, at Gangadarshan, a gurukul along the banks of Ganga, for two years, LIVING and IMBIBING yoga.
Under Shri Pattabi Jois’ AYRI, Bangalore, he gained clarity of the nuances of Astanga Vinyasa. His Iyengar training was under Shri ARUN, Bangalore, a direct disciple of Shri BKS Iyengar.
Pradeep is an engineering graduate, entrepreneur, and an avid sports enthusiast. He draws immensely from his past experiences, a wealth of knowledge specific to Yoga, Ayurveda and Indian philosophies, bringing into each yoga session a wholistic approach.
He has been teaching yoga in Bangalore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Colombo, and Hyderabad and is adept at Bihar, Iyengar and Astanga schools of yoga.
Pradeep currently heads a1000yoga and facilitates teacher training courses both at the 200 and 500 hour levels. He has trained many budding yoga instructors in Malaysia and India.
Pradeep credits his yoga practice, for clarity of mind, creativity and confidence. In his experience, Yoga is to be Aware, Balance, Conserve, Direct, Establish and becoming Free.


    Hata Yoga Abhyaasa And Prachaara Trust
    No.42, Sumeru, 4th Floor.
    HAL III Stage, 80 ft rd,
    Landmark: Above Vijaya Bank,
    Opp Empire Restaurant/BSNL Office
    Indiranagar, Bangalore 560 075

    Phone:+91-901 910 1000
    Email: ttc@a1000yoga.com

    Directions can be found here - Google Maps

    Make Yoga part of Life

    The principles laid out in Patanjali’s yoga sutras dating back to 500 B.C. are still very relevant today, even in our modern information world. Yoga has evolved a lot from the days of Patanjali; it has taken different forms to meet the varying needs of practitioners all along its journey. Yoga continues to accept all changes, like the ocean accepts the river, absorbs, assimilates and grows. (A distinctive feature of sanaatan dharma of India)

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