Organisational changes

We are glad to announce partnership with Cult. Studio branches of a1000yoga (Koramangala, Indiranagar, Whitefield & JPNagar) will be part of Cult. Cult offers a wide range of fitness and wellness services, yoga will also be a part of their offerings. There are emails initiated for announcing this change , membership related queries and any other queries. You will receive a response incase you have asked for any information.

The Higher Yogic Education – Teacher Training, Related courses and Workshops will be retained by a1000yoga Academy (with no change).

a1000yoga Academy has been and will continue to be run by Hata Yoga Abhyaasa and Prachaara Trust. Courses are and will still be conducted at the Sumeru/Shaala, 4th Floor, #42, 80 Feet Road, Indiranagar , HAL III Stage.

a1000yoga Academy is a Yoga Alliance Registered School. The validity and recognition of your certificate remains intact.

We are happy to announce that we are the 4th Yoga School in India to be recognised by Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India.

The Ministry of AYUSH was formed on 9th November 2014 to ensure the optimal development and propagation of AYUSH systems of health care. Earlier it was known as the Department of Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy (ISM&H) which was created in March 1995 and renamed as Department of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) in November 2003, with focused attention for development of Education and Research in Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy.

Henceforth, all students graduating from Sumeru will qualify to certify from Ministry of AYUSH.

a1000yoga’s Yoga@Work and Yoga Care continues to serve the corporate and the healthcare sectors.

a1000yoga believes in taking care of our future by building yoga communities for the youth. a1000yoga works with schools and colleges to provide short term credit courses for the youth. 

 For any courses related queries please write to, for Yoga@Work, Yoga Care please contact


  • Is my Yoga Teacher Training Certificate still valid?

Yes. We were and still are a Yoga Alliance Registered School. The validity and recognition of your certificate stays intact.

  • Is my certificate QCI/AYUSH recognised?

No. All batches henceforth are qualified to write the QCI exam.

  • How do I upgrade to QCI?

We are working on this and putting a plan together. We will communicate on this as soon as we have finalised our approach. Please bear with us.

  • Is a1000yoga going to be called Cult?

The studios (Koramangala, Whitefield, Indiranagar (2nd Floor) and JPNagar will be called Cult. a1000yoga Academy Indiranagar 4th floor (same building) will remain as a1000yoga                   Academy

  • Will a1000yoga conduct all yoga activity for Cult?

The partnership between Cult and a1000yoga is to add Yoga to Cult offerings, Yes a1000yoga teachers will be teaching Yoga

  • Will a1000yoga have every facility now like Cult-  gym, cross training etc?

a1000yoga Academy will remain as it is, rest of a1000yoga studios (Koramangala, Whitefield, Indiranagar (2nd Floor) and JPNagar) will be as per Cult administration.

  • Can I transfer my balance studio membership account to a TTC course?

NO. If you choose to not continue with Cult, you can take a refund. You are always welcome to be part of Academy with a new membership.

  • I haven’t received any email from a1000yoga about changes.

If you are an alumni and haven’t received an email please drop a line to, we will ensure we add you to our list. Please also check the Promotion and Junk folders to                    make sure the email hasn’t landed there.

  • I haven’t received any email from Cult about changes.

If you are a member at our studio you should have received an email detailing the process. If you haven’t please contact 080 30630990 /

  • What happens to Bellandur and Brookfield studios?

Bellandur and Brookefield studios are affiliate studios, they are not part of Cult. The functioning of studios will continue as it is.




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Make Yoga part of Life

The principles laid out in Patanjali’s yoga sutras dating back to 500 B.C. are still very relevant today, even in our modern information world. Yoga has evolved a lot from the days of Patanjali; it has taken different forms to meet the varying needs of practitioners all along its journey. Yoga continues to accept all changes, like the ocean accepts the river, absorbs, assimilates and grows. (A distinctive feature of sanaatan dharma of India)

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