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Always the bridesmaid, never the bride?
Ever wondered why your spouse is an early riser and in gym by 6.00 am, while your senses plea that it rests, rests and “oh yes rest”, even after the break of dawn and beyond! Or why is it, that some people are pretty content being idle and some ready to stab to get what it takes to reach the top? Here is what could be a possible culprit behind this attitude or apparent biological structuring – the “Doshas”.
On attending a workshop conducted by Pradeep Govinda, at this serene, a premium, 1000 sq ft wooden floor stretch of ‘a1000yoga’ , an exclusive yoga studio in koramangala… I learnt one of the possible reasons, behind the varying human emotion and energy levels. Pradeep elaborated on the various personas dictated according to the ‘doshas’ within you.
‘Doshas’ in ayurveda is the inherent force that keeps you moving, ticking or just being! By going through a ‘prakriti’ analysis, it is easy to figure out your true calling.
The three doshas or tridoshasa are :
Vata (ether and air)
Pitta (fire and water)
Kapha (water and air)

It was amazing, discovering that these ‘dosha’ types are best suited to particular activities and are only grounded when they synchronize their emotional and physiological self with their surroundings. So not only is it responsible for your easy going or uptight nature, but also the raison de entre behind your adaptability to situations and work environment. For eg, excess of ‘vata’ leads to an impulsive and inconsistent but creative persona, more likely a type B personality. Whereas excess of ‘pitta’ leads to an aggressive, go getter – type A personality. ‘Kapha’ the heaviest of the ‘doshas’ counterbalances the ‘Vata’ movements and Pitta metabolism and is by nature the most blessed and rare of the three.
Creative people, orators, investigators best fall in the ‘vata’ category. ‘Vata’ is the direct link that acts from the thought to the conscious level and keeps fluctuating. ‘Pitta dosha’ on the other hand controls digestion of food and allows a good processing of information leading to an able decision maker when finely tuned. These people are best suited as leaders, doctors, engineers and perhaps politicians even. Kapha , is the potential energy. It gives mental strength and resistance to diseases. The most blessed doshas, but unfortunately also marked by a lethargic, slow disposition. People with high levels of ‘kapha’ are best suited in jobs that are not pushy and more benevolent in nature. Careers that help their naturally compassionate innerself to operate in the real world without getting hurt.

Remember Obi Wan’s quote, “the Force will be with you” in Star Wars. Never doubt it even for once! By subtly working out the kinks or imbalance of one or more ‘doshas ‘ , either through changing your diet or adapting to certain physical rigors you could possible control the discrepancy in your physical system and be part of the force for the better !

– by Dolly Dinesh.

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