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Personal Sessions: A welcome class for those who are new to yoga. The approach to a yoga session, do’s and don’ts of yoga are explained along with how and why yoga works. One also learns engaging the core. Introduction to fundamentals of yoga with a right alignment of postures, breathing, coordination of breath and movements. Classes are done in a slow pace with explanation of benefits and contra-indications. Benefit of yoga over other exercises…importance of relaxation and diet. 
Find Your Personal Breathing space at a1000yoga: One-on-one yoga instruction, from a certified yoga teacher, customized to achieve specific goals.

  • For pre-post natal, Stress, therapy etc
  • Introduction to Yoga for beginners
  • Build a personalised practice
  • Fine tune your practice for a deeper experience

Pre-book your slots to suit your convenience.

Minimum of 6 classes or more.


Iyengar Yoga: Done with props to ensure proper alignment and ease of postures, this enables one to practice safely and to obtain the full benefits of the postures. Typically, each asana is held for a period long enough to ensure it is understood thoroughly. Postures of relative difficulty and breathing techniques are introduced gradually in a progressive manner. 
Gentle Vinyasa: Introduction to Power vinyasa. A flow based session with a well choreographed sequence of asanas. Gentle and steady pace throughout out the class. 
Moon: Moon yoga work with the feminine energy (lunar, Ida, Yin). This is a non aggressive, humbling, grounding series of floor posture. Awareness is directed towards joints (seat of stress) and experiencing pain/stiffness without avoiding it, thus preparing to face life. Body breathing (psychic) breathing is introduced. 
Yoga packs: Helps build the best functional core and also help tone up the abdominal muscles and all this with yoga postures, pranayama and bandhas. 
HOT Yoga: One of the most popular types of Yoga done in a heated studio of 40 C, a flowing sequence of asanas will help strengthen, remove toxins through the skin pores, get a glow on your skin, lose weight and tone up. 
Kids Yoga: Fun asanas- theme based – done in pairs and in groups. Yoga for proper physical and mental growth, a sharp mind with excellent memory and intelligence. Helps young boys & girls reach physical and mental maturity at the right age. 
Therapeutic Yoga: Back pain-knee pain-joints stiffness, Hypertension, Low BP, Stress, Insomnia, PMS, fibroids, diabetes etc. These sessions are done after our in-house Doctor’s consent and practiced with props to make it easier for the practitioner. 
YN: Yoga Nidra and Meditation – complete Satyananda yoga nidra + meditational practices for stress relief. 
Power Yoga-1: Sequenced Flow of intense asanas with repetitions to engage the core and large muscles of the body also includes cool down stretches and relaxation. Excellent for loosing weight and toning up. 
Pranayma: Basic breathing techniques and advanced pranayama, taught in detail.
Power Yoga – 2: Advanced vinyasas with higher intense, includes arm balances and advanced transitions.
Corporate Yoga: Tailor made for busy executives and the go-getters. Helps relieve stress and prepare for everyday challenges at work. Improves teamwork and interpersonal relationships.
Pre & Post Natal: Yoga for the mothers to be, practices for morning sickness, back pain, natural labor, healthier baby, faster post-natal recovery
Surya Namaskar: Pay your respects to Surya with the best exercise routine to help stay in shape. Suryanamaskar strengthens the body, circulation, breathing, and keeps the body limber and in shape, a yogic exercise to ensure improvement and good health in one’s digestion, agility, rejuvenation, beauty and longevity. Switch on 95% to 97% of your muscles on to active mode and experience the effect of your practice on three levels: body, mind and intellect.
Shatkarma: Internal purification – set yourself on the gentle path to manifold, wondrous results, enhance your asnana and pranayama and experience the powerful effects within both the physical and energetic bodies; an essential to the practice of Yoga, these kriyas form the foundation of practices of Raja Yoga.

Class Schedule: Koramangala Studio


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  • Free Wi-Fi
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Yoga Type Walkin 1 Month 3 MonthsSave 10% 6 MonthsSave 20% 1 YearSave 30%
Hot Yoga Rs.300 Rs.3000/ 12 sessions Rs.8,100 Rs.14,400 Rs.25,200
Kids Yoga Rs.200 Rs.2000/ 12 sessions Rs.5,400 Rs.9,600 Rs.16,800
YNM Rs.250 Rs.1000/ 4 sessions Rs.2,700 Rs.4,800 Rs.8,400
Parents & Kids Rs.250 Rs.1000/ 4 sessions Rs.2,700 Rs.4,800 Rs.8,400
Others Rs.250 Rs.2500/ 12 sessions Rs.6,750 Rs.12,000 Rs.21,000
Weight loss Rs.8,250


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  • Student’s receive an additional 10% discount on all packages.

Power Yoga Certification Program for Group / Fitness Trainers at our state of the yoga center in Koramangala.

Topics include:

  1. Power yoga – 35 postures
  2. Sequencing Power Vinyasa Flow
  3. Weight loss, Strength, Flexibility and Cardio vascular training in Power yoga
  4. Exercise Physiology and Comparative study of weight training and Yoga asanas
  5. Complimenting Yoga with Group training, Weight training and Cardio programs

Starting : 1st Dec 2011

Duration : One month – 8 sessions of 4 hours each

Days : Tuesday and Thursday 11:00am to 3:00 pm

Fee : INR 9500/-

a1000yoga is committed to deliver professional and quality yoga sessions.

Our immensely qualified and internationally experienced teachers will program each session tailor made to your needs.


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Make Yoga part of Life

The principles laid out in Patanjali’s yoga sutras dating back to 500 B.C. are still very relevant today, even in our modern information world. Yoga has evolved a lot from the days of Patanjali; it has taken different forms to meet the varying needs of practitioners all along its journey. Yoga continues to accept all changes, like the ocean accepts the river, absorbs, assimilates and grows. (A distinctive feature of sanaatan dharma of India)

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